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Also, I get to write my first paper for Intro to Cinema about Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight. I will post it here when it is finished. For now, here is the first paragraph. 

In Steven Soderbergh’s comedic crime film Out of Sight (1998), the ensemble of buffoonish crooks subverts the criminal stereotype. Jack Foley (George Clooney), the exception of the breed, carries on his shoulders the weight of society’s expectations of a criminal who is cunning, daring, and charming.  Through the chronologically jumbled and episodically structured trace of the character,  Soderbergh informs the creation of a new understanding of the common criminal; the exploration of two entirely distinct strains of miscreants reveals a duality not commonly recognized. 

Get excited! Lastly, Che has a distributor. Thank you, IFC.


The Top Ten Things I learned at USC Orientation:

10. Orange hair is intimidating.
9. Women with moderate to severe cases of man-face should still wear bras.
8. Nothing beats the view from floor 11 of Fluor tower.
7. Wahoo’s Fish Tacos will become a staple of my diet.
6. So will Krispy Kreme donuts.
5. I will gain weight, even though the gym is right next door.
4. My ability to pretend like I enjoy reading will be tested.
3. The coldest it gets at USC is the warmest it gets at my current residence.
2. Five-dollar shakes actually exist in California, and they are indeed quite tasty.
1. Tylenol PM can turn clouds into all the colors of the rainbow.

This weekend brought many things:

1. Newfound respect for Genesis’ greatest hits
2. Studying
3. Awesomeness singularly personified in the form of Robert Downey Jr.
4. Ice cream sandwiches
167. The realization that my blog sucks
168 (Edit). The apparent conviction that adding numbered lists to my blog makes it not suck

So, I’m changing things up, completely. No more arbitrary, lazily scribed reviews of new releases (well, at least not without the accompaniment of some broader social commentary, destined to be just as meaningful ineffectual as that which it replaces).

However, I refuse to not share a few thoughts on Iron Man.

Here are, verbatim, my spontaneous thoughts as I watched the film:

1. Robert Downey Jr. is awesome.
2. Who decided that this movie needed to be relevant?
3. Who decided that making this movie relevant required a Middle Eastern setting?
4. Has Gwyneth Paltrow been in any other movies recently? I don’t remember seeing her since, well, part of her was in a box.
5. Jeff Bridges’ performance is either the greatest thing ever… or a belated celebration of April Fools’ Day. No, wait; it’s both!
6. I am Iron Man.
7. Why would anyone sit through the credits when that lame scene is already on YouTube?
8. This entertained me, which is more than I can say for Spider-Man 1 & 2.

A snippet of Alex’s review of Superbad was recently featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Also, the reviews may soon begin appearing in a newspaper near you. And by a newspaper near you I mean Hudson High School’s The Explorer.

As a side note, reviews to expect in the coming days/weeks include:

3:10 to Yuma
Shoot ‘Em Up
No End in Sight
Across the Universe
Eastern Promises
In the Valley of Elah
The Darjeeling Limited

I am back in town after a month vacation, and will be posting several reviews of films I saw while away:

Eagle vs. Shark
A Mighty Heart

Friday at 3 AM: Ocean’s Thirteen
Friday at 10 PM: Knocked Up
In the Near Future: Reviews of older films (Seven Samurai, Pan’s Labyrinth, Patton, Shaun of the Dead)

Now that the site is well established, I will be posting some older reviews, a practice that will occur not as often as I review new films but still at a reasonable pace. They will be catagorized as reviews, but will not appear in any sort of chronological order at this point.